You are love.
Take care of you and be.


How do I love myself?

With ease? Or through others?

Pleasing them instead of me.

Are their needs more than mine?


I chronically worry.

I leave the tiniest room for me.

And yet my longing whispers true, “You are love.

Take care of you and be.”

As I do, so will others.

“Your love flows from the self.

Love thyself and be true.”

Self Love

Self love is the way you can love the world.

Without it you never get to experience the magic of it flowing back.

So enjoy loving yourself it has many rewards

Wishing you love and light

Asheka 🙂

Being single

Some think it is a cross to bear.

A time for despair.

A shame to wear amongst all the couples’ in-love.


Yet being single is none of that.

It simply is a gift of time.

To get to know the most important person, you!

A time when you learn the importance of self-love & self-appreciation.

For only when you learn to love you;

Can you truly love someone else.

Only when you know and accept all of you;

Can you accept someone to love you just as you are.

So appreciate the joys of being single;

It makes the joys of being in-love so much more.


When you love yourself, you can love everyone in your life, so much more.

So don’t be scared of being alone, loneliness has nothing to do with it.

It’s always just been about loving you.


With love & light