Prayer of St Francis of Assisi

May the strength of this prayer comfort and inspire you.

After reading it – there is nothing left to be said but to feel, do and live it

With love and Light ❤ 🙂






Light up world!

Its so easy to give into fear.

To stick to all that’s known.

But sometimes when you use all the talents that you got and make them shine bright!

You light up the world with the magic of you!

You can do it;

Take a deep breath in, exhale slowly and walk towards the light of you.

Its when you love you, and allow you to shine that you leave a mark on this world.

So go ahead and – Shine

wishing you love & light

Ash ❤ 🙂


How we show up is a choice

Our light and our darkness is ever-present.

The side of us we choose to show, is a choice.

Showering the world with your light;

brings many gifts back to you like;

Love, hope, faith, peace…and so much more.

Darkness leaves a mark too, lots of heart ache and pain.

So choose wisely, shine bright.

With love and light





Light of wisdom

Light of comfort

Light that shines

Guide me.

Light of dawn

Light of dusk

Light of nature

Protect me.

Light all around

Inside and out

Make me wise and glow

Let my choices be strong

My sincerity pure and

My smile light up my being.

Light of warmth

Light of comfort

Light of fire


Let my passion continue to burn!