Self Love

Self love is the way you can love the world.

Without it you never get to experience the magic of it flowing back.

So enjoy loving yourself it has many rewards

Wishing you love and light

Asheka 🙂


Cartoon Lesson #3: Liewe Heksie

#Learning Fit:

  • Pay attention – on what you want to learn
  • Break it down (easy steps)
  • Keep it simple – say a rhyme
  • Stay positive, smile and be kind.

Love and Light ❤ 🙂 


Have you ever wondered what kind of people you attract into your life?

Are you surrounded, by bad, mean-spirited people? Or are you blessed with the abundance of good, kind & friendly people in the circles of your life?

I have found that often we pay so much attention to the baddies that they keep on showing up in our lives. Sure they have the darkest and most shocking stories but do we need to be sucked into this vortex?

The other night I told my mum, that I refuse to give energy, attention or even talk about baddies anymore. They make you skeptical of everyone which is not fair. When we focus on the baddies, we miss out on all the wonderful, good, kind people in the world. By just being open and aware, we see all the light angels in abundance. They make you want to join forces in making the world a better place.

Strange enough the next day, when my mum returned from Eldorado Park via a couple of taxi’s. She told me the sweetest story. Before I share it, you should know that taxi drivers in the locations do not care about customer service. Whether the taxi falls apart or people sit on top of you, you better be thankful. Dare complain and you would be sorry.

So on leaving Eldorado Park, one taxi driver (Driver one) battled to find sufficient passengers to warrant driving to Johannesburg town. He stopped another taxi requesting the driver (Driver 2) to take his 3 passengers to town. Driver 2 agreed without hesitation and when Driver 1 wanted to hand over the fares of the 3 passengers, Driver 2 told him not to worry and “God bless”. Thinking that this was very unusual my mum paid more attention to the driver. She noticed that every time a passenger got off at his or her stop, the taxi driver thanked them for traveling with him. My mum reflected on our conversation of the night before and said, how true it was, for even after traveling with taxis for several years, this was the first time she encountered such a friendly, kind taxi driver.

My mum was so moved, she thanked him for his kind and humble attitude when she got off. He smiles, thanked her and said, “God Bless.”

So good, friendly people are everywhere. They restore your faith and make you want to be just as good.

Be kind everyone and spread it everywhere.

With love and light


Who have you told?

“I love you.” These 3 magical worlds should be told to everyone you love. The best part as you say it to them, look into their eyes, and just see as they start to sparkle. Your heart will melt with gushy stuff and the best part, the love will flow, right back to you!

So don’t wait, tell your loved ones, you love them.

With love & light


An act of kindness, to me! Shanaz Bangie

It does not matter how old you are, first day’s anywhere still make your tummy flutter. “Will I like it here or would they like me”, are thoughts that run through your head endlessly. I remember my first day in a particular division, having just arrived and settling into my new workspace, I was surprised by a friendly, “Hello, my name is Shanaz Bangie, welcome to our Division.” Her beautiful welcome sent all my nervous jitters scurrying.

She showed me around and introduced me to everyone. Shanaz become a friend, who always surprised me with acts of kindness that touched me to the core. These acts may have seemed small to her but has always remained anchored in my heart. Thank you, Shanaz 🙂

One day, when things were practically frantic, Shanaz came to me with a gift she thought, I would benefit from greatly. It was a book, by Robin Sharma, The monk who sold his Ferrari. She told me she read it and enjoyed it so much, she just had to buy me a copy.

Well firstly I was in awe, by her kindness and the gift. Secondly, the Book, changed my life. It lead me onto my spiritual path and introduced me to concepts and practices that I believe in. My personal growth started with this beautiful gift from Shanaz. Thank you Shanaz, you helped me blossom, fully into me.   With love and light Ash