A happy life?

No one can make you happy. We all have the power of choice.



The roads to a happy life are sadly not straight.
Often times it twists and turns.
Offering choices as you go.
With no guarantees.
But with an open heart;

 Adventure follows with joy.

 The way I see it…

I find that being happy has absolutely nothing to do with the road that we are on.

It is all about the choices we make.

You have to choose to be happy.

No one can make you happy.

Nothing outside of you can make you happy.

You have to choose it over and over regardless of what is happening in your life.

When you do your light shines bright and touch those around you.

The incredible obstacle you face disappears with thought and choice.

You are love.
You are not responsible for other people’s happiness. They are.

All you can do is be you and love as you do.

When people or things weigh you down.

You have to reconsider your choices and choose again.

It’s up to you to be happy and make the best choices for you.

They too have the power of choice.

Live strong.

Love you first and then only extend it out to the world.

If you love others above yourself, your tank will never fill up.

At the end it benefits no one, not even you.

Wishing you love and light


The measure of happiness

Today as my mum, Tokio (our dog) and I went for our morning walk, I realized how simple happiness really is.

As we unlocked the front door, Tokio wagged his tail excitedly, jumping all around me to try and find the leash. I can’t resist but to hide it from him, knowing how happy he gets when he spots it. Getting it on is not easy because, he is just too excited and ready to go.

Once the leash is on he walks to the gate, wagging his tail and waits expectantly for it to be opened. His eyes sparkle and he bounds out, like a dog on a mission. Each tree and lamp-post gets a sniff, and a little tinkle as if to say, I was here.

Excitedly he can’t wait to sniff and explore. He made me think that the measure of happiness is simple. For it is in the little things, smiling, kindness, hugs, a sunrise, a sunset…and many other little things that our hearts fills up and we feel content. Yet we always chase the big, complicated things that steal time away from the little things.

So as Tokio, runs looking back excitedly at me to make sure I see and that I’m coming. I silently pray and give thanks for the lesson, of simple happiness.

Uncover your happiness, in the little things 🙂

Be love and light