What does it mean to take a chance on you?

I have learnt that taking a chance on you has very little to do with others. It is the chance/s we are willing to either take or suppress deep down within ourselves.

But just to be clear, “What is a chance?”

A chance is the possibility of something happening (if you allow it of course)

A chance is doing something you’ve dreamt of even though the outcome is uncertain.

A chance can be viewed as taking the risk to change your career, to say yes to love or simply to finally go on that adventure (travelling, skydiving, living abroad etc.).

It is often linked to the deep burning desire within us to do what we most enjoy. It’s that voice within us that says, “You too can live a more meaningful life. You have natural talents and abilities that will allow you to serve many and be successful.  Don’t deny it. You can do more and be more. You can do this!”

And yet you don’t! You may hear the haunting music from your heart and soul repeatedly, over and over again. It may even cause a restless fire from within making you feel empty but still you deny yourself (although there are incredible inspirations out there of those who did it and love it!!!)

So why do you do it? Why do you deny yourself the chance?

  • To be all that you can be.
  • To be happy and joyful
  • To live your purpose (To express your unique brilliance)

Why do you;

  • Allow fear and doubt to keep you stuck in your existing reality
  • Listen to Ego that cast doubt about you succeeding
  • Settle for a life only half lived.

Now don’t get me wrong. It’s not easy to take a chance on you and yes it does involve risk. It does involve dabbling in the unknown. But staying stuck can’t be the answer!

Dr. Seuss wrote beautifully on this topic in ‘Oh, the Places you’ll go!’ He said that sometimes we get so confused that we head for the most useless place, the waiting place. We wait for our lives to start citing countless reasons as to why the timing and conditions are not right. Instead of following the guidance from within and trusting our God given talents we surrender our dreams. We settle for a meaningless existence, happy to survive from day-to-day.

But what if you can change all of this?

What if you can take a chance?

Stay tuned, I will be sharing more insights and tips on what you can do to take a chance on you. In my next Blog – I will share more on what you can do to get clear on your interest, strengths and ultimate purpose.  My wish for you is to live the life you’ve only imagined, by becoming Learning Fit and having lots of Fun.

Wishing you love and light everyone.

Ash ❤