I have to jump

Standing on the edge of a cliff, I contemplate my fate.

Do I choose a life that is safe, known, always the same, predictably on course; like the days of time. Flowing from one into the other, endlessly.

“Is this my fate?” 


My head and heart is in serious doubt.

For a life of promise beacons;

filled with uncertainty, filled with risk, and only a whisper of potential fun.

“Is this my destiny?”


Can I turn my back on a life I’ve always known for an uncertain one?

As I stand on the edge, my heart beats hard and fast. My breath rasps painfully in my chest.


The whisper of promise fills me with excitement. It makes me glow from within my core. Who knows what’s right or wrong?

The only thing sure is how I feel at this moment; uncertain, confused and excited in the face of the unknown.

As I stand on the edge of the cliff, my fate is sealed. I have to jump!


I did!

May today be the day that you get to say, “I did!” and not, “I will”

May today be the day that you act on that idea and make it come alive.

May today be the start of realizing your destiny.

Wishing you love and light

Ash xoxoxo 


Ring! Ring!

Me: Who is it!

Destiny: Good day ma’em, it is your destiny.

Me: Who! I ain’t have no time for this. I have bills to pay, a needy family and an ulcer that’s kicking my butt.

Destiny: Pardon ma’em, if you could listen…

Me: Not today, I’m busy! (slamming the phone down)

Ring! Ring!

Me: What’s this damn ringing, from Destiny! I’m busy stressing! If only there’s a way to enjoy a meaningful life.


The above illustrates how I have felt on several occasions, when things were particularly hectic in my life, and I would hear a soft whisper, nudging me on, to start writing a story.The urge would be so big but all I could think of was all the things I had to do. The voice, the ringing never stops, thankfully. It’s true we can do allot with and in our lives. Sometimes it pays off to listen to the voice, deep inside of you.

Don’t miss the call 🙂

Lots of love


Desire, will and deed

I attended a workshop recently and it was great to hear these words again by Brihadaranyaka Upanishad. It reminded me that desire is always followed up by action otherwise nothing happens. It all depends on you and what you will do.

As you desire,

so is your will,

As you will

so is your deed.

As your deed is,

so is your destiny.

I am grateful for these words and their soft reminder to pursue my dreams.

Lots of Love