You can serve, wherever you are.

We’re always waiting.

Waiting to make money,

Before we can enjoy life.

Waiting for the right person;

Before we can love.

Waiting for more experience;

Before we tackle our dream job;

Waiting for the right opportunity;

Before we do good.


I’ve learnt;

You don’t have to go anywhere;

Or wait for anything to be You or to do Good.

You can serve from wherever you are.

You can live, your dream, right now.


No more waiting.

Start living your best life, today.


With love & light




Feeling lost?

No one can escape it. The test we all go through in life from time to time. When you feel sad, frustrated or lost.

When I feel this low, I give my problems over to the Lord and remind myself,

“God is my anchor and faith is my guide.”

Be strong and keep faith.

Love & Light



I see you

We all want to be seen, acknowledged and validated.

When you are seen in this way – you feel alive.

To see someone, in all the glory of who they are, is to acknowledge love them.

So to everyone I’ve made a connection with I want you to know, “I see you.”

Wishing you Love and Light

Asheka 🙂


Wholeness comes from knowing;
that everything is as it should be.
It’s not what you have.
It’s not what you lack.
It’s knowing that you are on track;
and that the best is yet to come.
Live life with joy and watch everything;
fall perfectly into place.
 By AC – # LearningFit

Don’t you find that sometimes you try and control the outcome of everything? You stress that if you don’t do things exactly right then it will go awry. You hold on tight and become way too dogmatic about everything, making things way too complicated. And you learn that sometimes when you;

Let-go-a-bit. When you follow your plan lightly with love and space for the universe to do its thing then everything falls perfectly in place. You learn that you didn’t have to hold up the sky in the first place. You learn that with soft faith everything works out perfectly. My wish for you is that you hold onto faith softly as you pursue your dreams. The possibilities of your dreams are within reach – so hold on soft and light; and watch all of you bloom with ease.

 Wishing you love and light everyone

Ash ❤ 🙂