Dreaming of getting lost

Ever dreamt of getting lost?

Changing the walls of your life for more exciting ones.

When what-if’s start to haunt you;

Presenting you with crazy yet decadent options.

Until you finally give-in;

And find your walls and restrictions start to disappear;

And possibility is all you see.


Life sure is an adventure 🙂

Enjoy the journey


With love & light ❤



All roads lead to your life

Anxiously we contemplate our fate.

Confused by all the roads of possibilities and no-go-zones.

Yet it is in the wrong turns, bad choices and scary situations;

That we learn & grow the most.

It’s in the stumble onto amazingly sweet roads that we see;

What our life could be.

So no matter the road you take;

You’ll find that all roads lead to your life.

So let go of fear & travel with zest.

Your life awaits 🙂

With love & light ❤


You can serve, wherever you are.

We’re always waiting.

Waiting to make money,

Before we can enjoy life.

Waiting for the right person;

Before we can love.

Waiting for more experience;

Before we tackle our dream job;

Waiting for the right opportunity;

Before we do good.


I’ve learnt;

You don’t have to go anywhere;

Or wait for anything to be You or to do Good.

You can serve from wherever you are.

You can live, your dream, right now.


No more waiting.

Start living your best life, today.


With love & light



Just because (Essai Pillay)

Anyone who has worked with Essai knows the following about her:

  • She is straight up with the Truth
  • She has a Heart of Gold &
  • Her Laugh – is the funniest – you will join in even if you don’t know what it’s about.

We were – the HR department.

Essai use to cooked the most delicious food and sometimes; she would bring me some (factoring in the halal & everything…). When I asked her why, I was being spoilt?

She would smile and say, “Just because.”

Essai too was one of my angels on whose wings, I soared. Thank you Essai 🙂

I really don’t have many issues but I must say 2008, was a very eventful year for me.

Thankfully I have many angels out there – & not only was I able to soar, I could be a source of strength for others.

The people who touch your life, enable you, to do the same, for others.

The universe is a marvelous place.

With love & light


Life is an adventure :)

With an open heart, optimism & a zest for life;

Adventures unfolds.

I feel so blessed 🙂

I am grateful for all the little things;

all the big things & certainly everything in between.

But mostly it’s the rich relationships that add color to life and all the adventures we are presented with.

Live your biggest adventure.

With Love & light